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🐦 Can you believe that the Radical Left Democrats want to do our new and very important Census Report without the all important Citizenship Question Report would be meaningless and a waste of the $Billions (ridiculous) that it costs to put together!

The Supreme Court is set to hold a hearing on the citizenship question April 23, with a ruling expected by June. That scheduled hearing came after two federal judges ruled against the legality of the question. Critics of the question say it will lead many immigrants and their families not to participate in the census, which they say would make the survey inaccurate and — because census data is used to allocate billions in federal funding and to determine the makeup of Congress — harmful to people living in areas with substantial immigrant populations. Wilbur Ross, Trump's commerce secretary, has defended the question as necessary for reasons such as enforcing the Voting Rights Act. (from NBC News)

🐦 The cost of ObamaCare is far too high for our great citizens. The deductibles, in many cases way over $7000, make it almost worthless or unusable. Good things are going to happen! ~~@~~ SenRickScott ~~@~~ senatemajldr ~~@~~ SenJohnBarrasso ~~@~~ SenBillCassidy

Trump restarted its efforts to kill the health care law last week, backing a lawsuit that argues all of the Affordable Care Act is unconstitutional. But the administration does not expect a court decision, or a need to replace Obamacare, until the summer of 2020. The Supreme Court has already upheld Obamacare twice. Trump has not put forward a specific health care plan since his administration backed the lawsuit to scrap Obamacare.(from CNBC)

🐦 No matter what information is given to the crazed Democrats from the No Collusion Mueller Report, it will never be good enough. Behind closed doors the Dems are laughing!

House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler will authorize a subpoena this week to obtain the full, unredacted report from special counsel Robert Mueller, teeing up a showdown between congressional Democrats and the Trump administration over the nearly 400-page report. Nadler said Monday that he had scheduled a markup on Wednesday to authorize a subpoena for the Mueller report, as well as the special counsel's underlying evidence. The markup would give the New York Democrat the green light to subpoena the report. The subpoena markup is scheduled one day after the April 2 deadline Democrats set for Barr to provide the full Mueller report and its underlying evidence to Congress. (from CNN)

🐦 Democrats should stop fighting Sen. David Perdue’s disaster relief bill. They are blocking funding and relief for our great farmers and rural America!

A GOP-sponsored bill to provide disaster relief funding to states affected by hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters failed to secure the necessary votes Monday to advance to a final floor vote. The measure failed in a 44-49 vote, short of the 60 needed in order to proceed to final consideration. The proposal would have provided millions of dollars less than Democrats have said is needed to assist continued storm recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. The GOP alternative would have also included extra money for states hit by recent flooding in the Midwest, including Iowa. After the vote, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., forced a vote on the House-passed bill to show that it also didn't have enough support to advance. That bill failed to proceed in a 46-48 vote. David Perdue, a Georgia Republican, introduced the $13 billion aid package in late February, which has one Democratic co-sponsor: Sen. Doug Jones of Alabama. (from NBC News)

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