US 🇺🇸Suspends Participation of Turkey🇹🇷 in F-35 Fighter Jet Program

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The US has suspended the participation of its ally Turkey in the F-35 stealth fighter jet programme after Ankara decided to buy Russian S-400 air defence system.

The US has expressed its concern as Turkey is an ally of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, the alliance formed to counter the Soviet Union.

Turkey’s Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu met his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, last week, giving a go-ahead to the S-400 purchase.

The United States has been clear that Turkey’s acquisition of the S-400 is unacceptable, said Acting Chief Pentagon Spokesperson Charles Summers Jr.

Should Turkey procure the S-400, their continued participation in the F-35 program is at risk,” Mr Summers said.

Regretting the situation facing US-Turkey partnership in the F-35 programme, Mr Summers said the Department of Defense is taking prudent steps to protect the shared investments made in this critical technology and ensure the resiliency of the F-35 supply chain.

He said that secondary sources of supply for Turkish-produced parts are now in development.

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