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Bronchial asthma is caused by narrowing of the bronchioles, or the tubes that carry air into the lungs. This narrowing can be caused due to many reasons, the commonest of which is hypersensitivity of the airways to some substance (most commonly dust or pollen, though other people may react to other substances also).When the airways become narrow, the body finds it difficult to supply enough oxygen as less air is reaching the lungs. Asthma is treated by using bronchodilators (which are medicines that dilate the narrowed airways), usually in inhalation form. There are many different types of bronchodilators available and each patient must be treated with the appropriate drug after due testing. In addition to using bronchodilators, your doctor may give you an anti-histamine to suppress the allergic reaction, if any. It may also help to avoid exposure to the triggering agent, if it is identified, such as dust, pollen etc. As with any medication, bronchodilators have adverse effects and should be used only after consultation and prescription by a doctor.

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