[assam] - University in Assam enforces strict dress code in campus

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An university in Assam has resorted to the use of dress code to maintain workplace environment in the university.

Vice chancellor of the Srimanta Sankardeva University of Health Science (SSUHS), Dipika Deka in a recently issued notification, has restricted party attire, picnic wear, tight fitted/body hugging and many such outfits from being worn in the premises of the university.

The notification issued by the vice chancellor lists out sixteen clothes and foot wears which will be prohibited in the university campus.

The list also includes T-shirts, micro minis, sheer clothing, walking shorts, pedal pushers, leggings, tights, jogging pants etc.

Other things mentioned in the notification are restrictions on slippers, sandals by worn by males and flashy jewellery or accessories....

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