[cape_town] - Democracy in South Africa is not real

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Democracy is often wrongly seen narrowly as only having a Constitution, parliament and elections. That is a very limited view of democracy. Constitutions, laws and elections are only basic frameworks of democracy.

Many struggling South Africans, burdened by increasingly high costs of living, power cuts and appallingly bad public services, are increasingly lamenting that democracy is not delivering.

The problem, however, is not that democracy is not delivering; it is that as South Africans we have not democratised society. For democracy to deliver, all aspects of life have to be democratised.

Political parties must themselves become more democratic. Undemocratic parties will deliver undemocratic societies. Leadership elections, decisions and policy-making within parties must become democratic - not controlled by the leader or a few of the leader’s praise singers. All political parties that receive public money must have gender, race and youth diversity, equality and inclusion....

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