[cape_town] - Dwindling giraffe numbers a cause for concern

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The organisation said this is an important step in protecting this species.

A 2018 legal challenge brought by the Centre for Biological Diversity, the Humane Society International and the Natural Resources Defence Council had sought a response to a petition for Endangered Species Act protection for giraffe.

Following that, the US Fish and Wildlife Service recently announced that giraffes may qualify for protection under America's Endangered Species Act.

The US provides a large market for giraffe parts, with more than 21400 bone carvings, 3000 skin pieces and 3700 hunting trophies having been imported over the past decade.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature currently recognises one species of giraffes and nine subspecies: West African, Kordofan, Nubian, reticulated, Masai, Thornicroft's (Rhodesian), Rothschild, Angolan and South African....

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