Cyclone Kenneth Rainfall🌧 to Be Twice as Much as That of 🌀Idai

  |   Zimbabwe News

Tropical Cyclone Kenneth tore through the Comoro Islands and Mozambique last week, damaging infrastructure in the two countries.

Floods are expected to cause a lot of destruction as weather forecasters expect the rainfall amount to far exceed that of Cyclone Idai.

In Cabo Delagado’s regional capital Pemba, more than 2m of rainfall was experienced soon after the weather system made landfall.

UN World Food Programme spokeswoman, Deborah Nguyen said:

"We are very worried because, according to the forecasts, heavy rain is expected for the next four days. We expect the rainfall to be twice as much as that which accompanied Cyclone Idai."

5 deaths have been confirmed since the cyclone hit the country and nearly 35,000 homes have been badly damaged or destroyed.

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