[durban] - 'No increase no water threaten' eThekwini workers

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They have been on strike since last week.

Offers made on Thursday and Friday to train 200 employees from the department as artisans and to review grades 3 and 4 were rejected as employees stuck to their demand to be elevated to grade 10.

The demand for the upgrade emanated from the City’s decision to employ MKMVA members as general workers, but at level 10. This meant they earned more than R20 000 instead of R9 000.

“They proposed that we agree to 200 people being taken for artisan training. They also proposed to review job descriptions for grades 3 and 4, meaning that they would elevate people on these grades up one level. We told them straight we’re not interested,” said employees, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of reprisals....

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