Elon Musk Plans👍 Tesla Robotaxis for International Markets by 2020

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Tesla CEO Elon Musk has outlined another series of ambitious targets while hosting a Tesla Autonomy Investor Day. Some of the targets included more details of a plan to profitability for the American electric vehicle (EV) maker during a period of additional financial turmoil. There is concern within Wall Street that demand for Tesla cars has slowed after an initial global rush this year, while short-term problems such as arranging successful deliveries across the globe has proved to be a point of contention.

Musk predicted that the company will become 'extremely cashflow-positive' once it has established a network of 'autonomous robotaxis', beginning 2020. He admitted that Tesla 'won’t have regulatory approval everywhere' to operate such a network, but said that he was 'confident that Tesla will have at least regulatory approval somewhere, literally next year'.

Acknowledging criticism of Tesla sometimes failing to deliver on its promises, Musk said: “All these things, I said we’d do them. We did it. We’re going to do the robotaxi things too. The only criticism – it’s a fair one – sometimes they’re not on time”.

The reference may be to Musk’s frequent optimism for the advent of full autonomous driving, which appears to have been delayed. Last month, Tesla started shipping cars that are said to be capable of fully autonomous driving, thanks to new in-house hardware.

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