Game of Thrones🐉: S8, Ep. 3 - Recap 🧟‍♂

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By Ra👁

⚠ Spoilers Ahead ‼

It's ready, set, action from the word go!

Winterfell is scrambling🏃‍♂ about, prepping for the battle with the undead, that's right at their doorstep🚪. The first sound to break through the dooming silence is Dany's dragons🐉 flying in - remember, they're going to face their undead brother Viserion❄ for the first time too!

Taking stalk of the army, is Jon Snow and Ghost🐺!

To Ser Davos' disbelief, Melisandre🔥 is finally here. She commands Ser Jorah to ask the Dothraki to lift their swords. Mel does her thing and suddenly all swords are fired up like flaming torches...🧨 well done!

"There's no need to execute me, Ser Davos. I'll be dead before the dawn,"🌄 Mel foreshadows.

And off they go...

The Stark girls, - Sansa & Arya👭 - Dany & Jon, look on from the fort. Remember, Bran is in Godswood, protected by Theon Greyjoy; Tyrion and Varys are in the crypt⚰ with the women and children.

The first troops, led by Ser Jorah assail forth🏇🏻, only to be mysteriously stopped in the dark, in the dead of their tracks. Jorah and a few survivors ride back but have nothing but shock😱 to offer.

The Wights🧟‍♂ then charge forward and you know there's little chance of an equal battle. Dany and Jon ride in on dragon-back🐲 to provide some balance, as they torch the Wights.

Arya instructs Sansa to go to the crypt, and gives her a blade🔪 made of dragon-glass. "I don't know how to use it," she says.

"Stick it with the pointy end," Arya replies, in a callback to the scene in S1 Ep. 1 when Jon gave Arya Needle🗡.

Meanwhile, the battle has intensified. The Night King is manipulating snow❄ to create a snowstorm, blinding the Targaryens on dragons.

The troops, no match for the army of the undead, are falling back. Arya, from the tower, is taking aim🏹 at as many wights as she can. The gates are closed, and Mel uses her magic to set fire to the trench around it, keeping the undead out and lighting the way for Dany and Jon🕯. But Mel's look of fear is giving us the chills😨!

Former couple Tyrion and Sansa have a moment in the crypt.

Bran, through the eyes of ravens🦅, spies upon the Night King, who's instructing the undead to walk right through the fire🔥 - how else do you put it out, eh? So they've now breached the trench of fire.

For Jaime, Brienne, Tormund, and all others, it's the fight of their lives. Arya joins in, wielding her new sword/club🔨 and shows the wights a good fight, and even inspires Clegane aka The Hound, who is until then cowering in the side, to come out and defend her🤼‍♂.

Scene shifts to mid-air, the icy dragon versus his mortal former brothers, Drogon and Rhaegal🐉.

Arya is hiding inside the library📚 but unfortunately it's swarming with wights. You remember the scene from the season 🎱 trailer, of her being chased down the passages? So that happens and you know it's no child play anymore. She's eventually rescued by the Hound and Beric but the latter meets with a deadly fate☠.

Melisandre and Arya have a moment. "You said I'll shut many eyes," Arya recalls💭.

"Brown eyes, green eyes, and... blue eyes,"👁 Mel tells her, before asking. "What do you say to the God of Death?"

"Not today," says Arya, with newfound vigour and runs out to re-join the fight.

The Night King and Viserion and raining down icy fire❄. Jon attempts to thwart him, and the Night King👽 eventually falls off; Rhaegal manages to get a good bite of Viserion.

Dany's Drogon blows fire🐲 on the Night King, but if only he had burned down... she is forced to flee, before he could harm her dragon.

The brave Jon Snow meets the King head on but it's no fair play. He raises the dead🧟‍♀ and now Jon has to fight through them; the Night King leaves Jon to his fate before marching on. The walls of the crypt⚰ are breached so there's no respite anywhere anymore. The fight is on at Godswood🎄 too.

While Jon is eventually rescued by Dany and Drogon, the dragon is attacked by more wights🧟‍♀🧟‍♂ than he can handle. Dany falls off, he rides away, and it's the tensest moment yet...

Tyrion and Sansa prepare to fight in the crypt⚰, Jorah is defending Dany in the open, Jon is hoping to drive his sword🗡 through Viserion, Brienne is all but gone, Jaime perseveres⚔ and Theon does his best to protect Bran👀. But now, it's just him between Bran and the Night King. "You're a good man, thank you," are Bran's final words to him.

The Night King is ready to stab Bran🔪, and then it happens!!!

Out of nowhere, the skillful Arya, knight in armour, jumps on the Night King's back and manages to drive her dragon-glass blade🔪 through him!!!

And in a moment, he, his army of undead, including the dragon🐲, shatter like broken pieces of glass!

Drogon is back to comfort Dany who's grieving the death of Jorah😢. Melisandre takes off her magic necklace and walks towards dawn and is dead💐. And that's where the curtains come down.