Ask Didi: Ghosted 💔?

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(+254...7) my girlfriend does not pick my calls because she feels I wronged her, she never replies to my texts either. I can't reach her because she is far from me yet I wanted to talk to solve the issue. What should I do💔?

Your (ex) girlfriend has cut you out of her life. Even if the break up stems from a misunderstanding, if you continue to pursue her, you may end up perceived as a stalker. Send her a message, by text or by snail mail (the old-fashioned way) explaining your side. If you have mutual friends, ask them if they can say something in your favor. If she is still unwilling to listen, let it go. If she's the kind of person who is unwilling to give you the benefit of the doubt and talk things out, even if you somehow manage to get back together this time, the same drama is bound to happen again with the next misunderstanding.

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