Police👮 to Request Arrest⛓ Warrant for Seungri This Week

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Seungri's arrest warrant will be requested this week.

Won Kyung Hwan, the Seoul District Police Director, told reported on the 29th that 3 months into the 'Burning Sun' investigations, things were starting to fall into place. They revealed that they have taken action against 23 suspects on either drug usage, sexual assault, or distributing illegal videos. He said, "Investigations on Seungri are coming to an end. We will try to finish our investigations on Seungri and Mr. Yu this week."

When asked about an arrest warrant, Directo Won said, "Warrants are issued depending on the seriousness of the situation, concerns about flight, or concerns on destroying evidence. We cannot guess if the warrant will be accepted. We will be requesting a warrant according to our investigations. Whether it will be issued is up to the court."

Source: http://v.duta.us/4b5cRgAA

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