"Possible Attacks💥 On Buddhist Temples", Sri Lankan🇱🇰 Intelligence Reports

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Female bombers posing as devotees may have been planning to attack Sri Lanka's Buddhist temples after authorities seized white clothes from a house that was raided following Easter Sunday blasts, a media report said today.

The Sri Lankan intelligence agency has received inputs of possible attacks on Buddhist temples by female bombers of the banned local terror outfit National Thawheeth Jamath (NTJ) after police found white pairs of skirts and blouses from the house, which was raided after the explosion in Sainthamuruthu area in the Eastern province.

This raised suspicion that the attackers might pose as Buddhist devotees, the Daily Mirror reported.

On March 29, Muslim women had spent 29,000 Sri Lankan rupees (USD 166) to purchase nine sets of such clothes from a textile shop in Giriulla, the report said.

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