Kenya🇰🇪, Tanzania🇹🇿 Agree🤝 to Effect Single Customs Territory

  |   Kenya News

Kenya and Tanzania have agreed to fully implement a single customs territory to fasten clearance of goods.

The two states also struck a deal to fast track the harmonisation of domestic taxes, levies and fees in a bid to ease trade between them.

This will come as good news for traders in landlocked East Africa countries who have been pushing for a single customs bond guarantee scheme for the whole region amid concerns that high cost of complying with Kenyan and Tanzanian laws have raised their cost of production.

The two countries also agreed to follow procedures stipulated in the East African Community (EAC) Customs Management Act, 2004 and Standardisation, Quality Assurance, Metrology and Testing Act, 2016 in the inspection and clearance of goods.

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