Vettel🗣: Tyres the "Dominating Factor" in Ferrari Struggles

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Sebastian Vettel believes Ferrari's struggles to make its tyres work properly is the more "dominating factor" in its Formula 1 car's performance being held back, rather than an aerodynamic weakness.

Vettel, who had praised Ferrari's upgraded car during practice, finished third in Baku and now trails new championship leader Valtteri Bottas by 35 points.

Asked by Motorsport .com if his confidence in the upgrades Ferrari brought to Azerbaijan remained following the race performance, Vettel said: "Absolutely, I think it was a step forward with our car, but more of a dominating factor is how we seem to be able to get on top or into these tyres.

"There's a lot of performance in that. I think the struggle we had here and there in low-speed corners is less of an aero problem, it's more of a mechanical grip issue. A lot of homework for us, the last couple of weeks.

"I'm sure once we get everything together the car is strong and then we will be much more in the fight. But at this stage, averaging the first four races, we were just not quick enough."

Vettel lost ground to the Mercedes duo in the first stint on soft tyres, but an earlier pitstop allowed him to hack into the gap and run two-to-three seconds behind for the majority of the rest of the race.

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