Elections🗳 2019: Winners and Losers

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Of the 78 parties which contested the National and Provincial elections, only about 20 are expected to win seats when the IEC announces the final election results on Saturday afternoon – and only 14 will be represented in the National Assembly.

ANC candidates are expected to take about 486 of the total of 830 national and provincial seats, about 40 less than in the 2014 elections. The DA’s tally also shrinks from 180 to about 172 seats.

The EFF and the VF Plus are expected to gain the most seats across all ten elections: the EFF’s tally is expected to go up from 55 to 93, and the VF Plus is expected to get up to 21 seats, tripling its 2014 tally of seven seats. The IFP is also expected to increase its public representatives from 20 to 28.

The SABC’s preliminary seat calculations, based on the legally prescribed seat allocation formula, resulted in the following expected seat tallies for all ten elections:

In the National Assembly, the ANC and DA will lose some seats while the EFF and VF Plus will gain a significant number of seats. A number of new parties will make their debut in Parliament, including ATM and GOOD. It is uncertain if the parties with one seat reflected below will all make it to Parliament.

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