KTDA and Tea Factory🏭 Dispute Over Contract📄 to Hurt Farmers

  |   Kenya News

Tea farmers affiliated to Kiru Tea Factory Company in Kiria–ini, Murang’a County are staring at uncertain future as the contract between the factory and the Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) comes to an end.

With less than two months before the expiry of a 10-year management contract signed between KTDA and the tea factory in 2009, chances of renewal are slim.

At risk are the earnings of some 8,000 tea growers who deliver tea to the factory. The farmers earned dividends from KTDA totaling to Sh40 million over the past five years.
At the centre of the dispute is the factory management’s demand for review of terms. In a letter addressed to KTDA on September 18, 2017, the factory gave notice of intention to terminate the management agreement.

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