[pretoria] - #Elections2019 were the most complex, operationally challenging ever, says IEC

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Pretoria - Chief electoral officer Sy Mamabolo said on Saturday night that the 2019 general election had been more complex, more contested and more logistically demanding than the previous 10 elections in South Africa.

"These elections are, without prevarication, the most complex, highly contested, and logistically demanding in our history as a country and as an institution. They have tested us like never before," Mamabolo said.

"Nonetheless and despite these challenges, it is out incontrovertible belief we have all come through this election even stronger as an institution."

Speaking during the announcement of the official results, Mamabolo applauded the electorate for engaging the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) and being active in exposing some of its shortcomings during the voting process, saying this would only serve to strengthen future operations....

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