[western-cape] - Blind, disabled woman still waiting for home she was promised two years ago

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Mirtle Verrooi, who lives in a shack in Happy Valley, has been promised a proper home in a government housing project.

However, as she is blind and unable to walk, the provincial departments of human settlements and social development were to together draw up a plan to meet her special housing needs, which they have not yet done.

Weekend Argus first published her story in 2017.

Now, two years after Verrooi was promised the home, she and her live-in partner say they will only “believe it when we see the keys to the house”.

“No officials have been to see us in the last two years; we are not sure what is happening but we will wait and see what happens - for now we will continue to live as we have been doing for all the years,” said Andrew Koopman, Verrooi’s partner....

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