Whatsapp News - 2019-05-11

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Soon, WhatsApp won't work on iOS 7, some Android versions

WhatsApp, the world's biggest messaging app, will stop working on iOS 7, according to a plan drawn-up to end support for outdated operating systems ...

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How to save Whatsapp Status without capturing screenshots

The WhatsApp status was a welcome feature for many. From links to videos, question chains, memes and posts from holiday destinations, the feature ...

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WhatsApp Beta is updated and adds another piece of Dark Mode

The dark mode has not yet arrived, but the beta version 2.19.133 of WhatsApp takes another small step forward in this direction, confirming the work in ...

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Good News! WhatsApp might launch UWP app soon

This means that some WhatsApp features will stop working as the D day approaches. WhatsApp is ending support for all smartphone running ...

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