Jannabi's Label to Take Legal⚖ Action Against Malicious Commenters

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Jannabi's label has announced their intent to take legal action against malicious commenters.

On May 28, Peponi Music stated, "Malicious comments and falsehoods are being recklessly posted about Jannabi, so we've created a contract with a law firm. We plan to take legal action against falsehoods without proof and malicious comments. As it's been reported, there's been no schedule cancellations, and we've been discussing re-scheduling appearances with program producers. We ask that you suppress this."

The agency concluded, "All the members are feeling the consequences of Yoo Young Hyun's recent controversy. They plan to get on stage with a heavy heart. We apologize to everyone who cares and supports Jannabi for causing them worry."

As previously reported, Yoo Young Hyun has withdrawn from the group following reports of school bullying and violence, and vocalist Choi Jung Hoon responded to reports of his father's alleged political ties.

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