Assam: Dilapidated roads in Goalpara giving nightmare to commuters

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The dilapidated road conditions in the two constituencies of the Goalpara district in Lower Assam, West Goalpara and Jaleswar, are causing nightmare for the commuters.

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The roads under the Public Works Department (PWD) from Lakhipur to Chunari in West Goalpara and the road from Lakhipur to Jaleswar in Jaleswar constituency, the two main roads in two constituencies, are in a shambles for a long time.

As the damage of the roads remained unattended, they became bigger leading to entire stretches of roads getting riddled with large craters.

“The Lakhipur to Jaleswar road was repaired once two years back. But the quality of the work was so poor that it went back to its previous position within the next six months,” deplored a senior citizen at Lakhipur....

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