‘Lahe-Lahe’ – new brand for tourism package in Northeast

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‘Lahe-Lahe‘ (take it easy) approach to life is often blamed for lack of progress in Assam and elsewhere in the Northeast.

But a tourism entrepreneur wants to market ‘Lahe-Lahe‘ packages for stressed, overworked executives and business managers seeking to get away from the pressures of work for a while.

Abhra Bhattacharya, whose Adroit Tours is now setting up a community driven tourism resort in far-off Anini in Arunachal Pradesh, plans to offer ‘Lahe-Lahe‘ packages that would enable overworked and stressed executives and business managers a week or a fortnight of complete rest and back-to-nature relaxation.

The resort at Anini is a model project that is built by the local community with available resources. Abhra’s company provides guidelines for design and will run the resort when it is ready....

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