MDC Urges🙏 the Youths to Fight for Their Own Freedom

  |   Zimbabwe News

The opposition MDC has urged the youths to take an active role in fighting for their own freedom. This was said by the recently elected Youth Assembly deputy chairperson Cecilia Chimbiri during an interview with the NewsDay.

Chimbiri said that called upon the young people of Zimbabwe to be vigilant and take proactive roles.

She said:

"My message to the young people of Zimbabwe is that we need to soldier on. Nothing is going to be given to us on a silver plate. We don’t complain from the terraces, we need to take action now, we need to go out in our numbers occupy the streets and do it peacefully and we will get there. There is no suffering that will last for the rest of our lives.

"We are going to be liberated, but we also need to take a stand and take a stance. We are tired and enough is enough and we want to usher in a new government. My message to the generality of the young people, young women and young men in Zimbabwe is that let us soldier on."

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