Meet the hot new Mr SA - And he is from Wellington

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Huguenot Primary teacher Heinrich Gabler was a top 14 finalist in the 2017 edition, and decided to give this year’s competition a shot, beating out first prince Shaun Stander and second prince Bhekuzinde Nobunga for the win.

Born in Somerset West, the 28-year- old has not had an easy upbringing, which he said proved that with a push in the right direction, dedication and talent, you could overcome your circumstances.

Gabler was 9 when his mother died in a car accident. He, his older sister and two brothers were then brought to House Andrew Murray, a children’s home in Wellington.

Growing up, Gabler said, he wanted to pursue a rugby career, but he put those dreams aside to become a teacher and work with children. He also developed a love for modelling, winning titles including Mister Huguenot, Mister Western Cape and Mister Winelands....

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