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Facebook Restrictions❌ to Have Little Impact on Huawei

Chinese smartphone giant Huawei, which is currently battling the trade ban imposed by the US, has also been cut off by Facebook to comply with the sanctions, but experts believe that the move by the social networking giant would not have worrying implications on the smartphone player.

"Unlike Google, Facebook …

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China🇨🇳 Warns Tech Giants After US Huawei Ban

The Chinese government convened top tech companies this week and warned them of consequences if they cut off technology sales to the country, US media reported on Saturday.

The meeting followed US President Donald Trump's move last month to blacklist Chinese tech giant Huawei over national security concerns, threatening the …

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Amazon Most🙌 Trusted Among Internet Brands in🇮🇳 India: TRA Research

E-commerce major Amazon is the most trusted among the Internet brands in India, followed by Google and Facebook, according to a recent report by TRA Research.

Among the 32 Internet brands surveyed, Indian messaging app Hike ranked fourth, beating Facebook-owned Whatsapp, which ranked 10th, said brand intelligence and data insights …

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Twitter Accused🤔 of Gagging Conservatives by US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump took to Twitter once again Sunday to accuse the messaging platform of gagging conservative voices -- a "Giant Mistake!" that he said runs counter to freedom of expression.

"Twitter should let the banned Conservative Voices back onto their platform, without restriction," he wrote.

"It's called Freedom of …

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Microsoft Acquires Game🎮 Studio Double Fine

Microsoft has acquired Double Fine, the studio behind top-notch games like Psychonauts and Broken Age, for an undisclosed sum.

The tech giant announced the acquisition at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2019 event in Los Angeles on Sunday.

"At last year's E3, Microsoft announced five new studio acquisitions, including Ninja …

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