Vijay Mallya Faces ‘Chor Hai’ 🔊Cries at 🇮🇳India-Australia🇦🇺World Cup Match

  |   India News

The absconding liquor baron, Vijay Mallya, who is facing extradition proceedings in the UK, was greeted with ‘chor hai’ chants outside The Oval on Sunday as he made his way out of the stadium after watching the World Cup match between India and Australia.

As Mallya came out from the stadium, along with his mother, Lalitha, the crowd surrounded the liquor baron and chanted ‘chor hai’. Asked how he would respond to the chants by the crowd, Mallya said, “I am making sure my mother doesn’t get hurt.”

Earlier in the day, Mallya was seen attending India’s match against Australia at The Oval and evaded questions on his extradition case.

He told ANI, “I am here to watch the game,” and added that “preparations are underway for the next hearing scheduled in July.”

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