2022 Party Wars Amid Legacy Dream Leave Uhuru😒 Restless

  |   Kenya News

A fractured ruling party, a simmering rebellion in his backyard and the slow implementation of the Big Four agenda could be the factors behind President Uhuru Kenyatta's recent public displays of disaffection.

His remarks on Sunday while addressing adherents of Akorino sect at Kasarani Stadium in Nairobi and ostensibly directed to his perceived critics were the latest in a series of hard-hitting speeches by the Head of state that seem to expose the pressures at his doorstep.

Government mulls Sh3 billion kitty for coffee farmers, "I'm still the man to watch in this region, they should not mistake my silence for cowardice," Uhuru said, before warning that he still commanded sway in how central would approach the next election.

"The President was always aware of the machinations in the 2017 Jubilee primaries though he did not wish to rattle the campaigns," says MP Maore Maoka, who identifies himself with the Kieleweke team.

Calls for Jubilee party meeting "Under his nose, while he still has the oath of office, the country has moved on into campaigns and people have begun looking at a post-Uhuru administration.

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