Droidekas Highlight Battlefront 2’s Next Big⬆ Update📹http://v.duta.us/iO6GwwAA

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Battlefront 2 players wondering WTF the wonder-wheel scorpion bots from the Star Wars prequels were can wonder no more. EA DICE said yesterday they’re coming back as of the Wednesday, June 26 update.

Droidekas were playable in Pandemic Studios original Battlefront games, favored by many for their pop-up shields and high-roller movement. It’s taken almost two years, but the Separatists’ versatile heavy class will be a welcome sight for those romping around with that faction (or unwelcome, if playing against). DICE’s video attached shows the droideka comes with all its familiar skills, and effectively swaps between tanky emplacement and rollin-rollin-rollin ball of death.

What else? There’s a TX-130 tank for Republic fighters, which deals up a lot of firepower and rocketry; the Capital Supremacy game type goes to the Naboo map; Anakin Skywalker will get the General Skywalker appearance, referencing his duds from the early goings of The Clone Wars; and the 212th Recon and 41st Scouts get appearances with the Clone army.

Watch the video: http://v.duta.us/iO6GwwAA

Read more: http://v.duta.us/EPisMAAA

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