Former BP RaNia Member🔊 Alexandra Reveals Plans to 🎊Release Tell-All Memoir, New EP

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Alexandra, former BP RaNia member and K-pop's first black idol, opened up about her experiences in a new video on 'Unpretty Rapstar' star Grace's YouTube channel.

In a video entitled 'Why Did Alex REALLY Leave Rania? The First Non-Asian KPOP Idol #Thetruth,' the former idol (who now goes by 'Alex') went into detail about the time she spent as a part of the girl group, touching on her experiences with working as a team, secretly dating, racism, how she was discovered, and more.

During one part of the video, she was quick to dismiss any speculation that she had been kicked out of the group, confessing: "I did actually leave, and it's because there was a point where everything had hit the fan in a big way. Things were so stressful. I just felt like it wasn't a healthy situation for me anymore."

Meanwhile, Alexandra also revealed that she is currently working on new music and a memoir about her time as an idol in Korea.

"It's so juicy," she hinted with a laugh. "It's impossible to avoid the shock value in this case. It's like every time I'm writing, I'm like, 'Whoa. People are going to be so blown away by what it's really like behind the scenes.'"

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