Ask Didi: Who's Your BTS Boyfriend 💔?

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(+601...0) asks I love BTS so much that I can't love my boyfriend the same as I love BTS. We have been in relationship for 9 years and he's asking for a break up. I love him but i just love BTS too much, I live for BTS, and I die for BTS as well. What do you think💔?

It's good to be passionate about something, but when the passion takes over your life, to an extent that it starts destroying other facets of your life, you need to re-evaluate your priorities. BTS and other celebrities are entertainers - their job is to sell a fantasy. It's natural to be enamored by the fantasy, but if you start prioritizing the fantasy over a real-life boyfriend, then you have a problem. Boy bands don't last forever, but a boyfriend (at least the right one) can be with you for life. Celebrities appreciate their fans, but they don't expect their fans to die for them, and they wouldn't die for their fans either. Don't sacrifice your life for someone who wouldn't do the same for you.

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