'It is not doctor's duty to kill': Euthanasia debate heats up in SA

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Cape Town - The recent conviction of euthanasia advocate Sean Davison on murder charges has sparked fresh debates on the legalisation of assisted suicide in South Africa.

The 58-year-old professor of biotechnology at the UWC this week received an eight-year sentence - five years suspended and three to be served under house arrest, after entering into a plea agreement.

Davison was convicted of the murders of three people: Dr Anrich Burger in 2013, Justin Varian in 2015 and Richard Holland later that year.

Burger became a quadriplegic after a car accident in 2005 and, according to his mother, Wilma du Pisani, who wrote to the court, attempted suicide in 2006 and even planned to go to Switzerland where euthanasia is legal to end his life - but couldn’t afford the trip....

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