Jah Prayzah Accused😖 of Objectifying Women in AFCON Warriors Song🎶

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Popular musician, Jah Prayzah, has been accused of objectifying women in the song he dedicated to the warriors at AFCON. The song, called Fambai Nebhora, has lyrics that some have felt are inappropriate.

Women and child rights activist, Nyari Mashayamombe told the Standard:

"I was baffled yesterday when I listened to Jah Prayzah’s song for the Warriors Titled Fambai Nebhora. In the song Jah Prayzah says: ‘tovanzvenga sevarandakadzi [we dribble them like women slaves] and later says ‘tovapfekedza pitikoti, mapitikoti’ [we make them wear petticots]. How vile!

"I didn’t finish the song as I was taken aback and thought how could such a respectable artist demean women and be so sexist like that in a national song? How could he embarrass women and seek to alienate us from the national pride, our Warriors?"

Another child and women activist, Angela Machonesa commented on social media:

"Warriors are for everyone — female and male. Our young sons woke up singing along that bad vibe, and they will finish this tournament and live their lives thinking women can be easily dribbled and if you are defeated you have worn a petticoat."

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