'Chahiye?!' Deepika Padukone's Response on Airport Security👮‍♂ Asking Her ID Proof🎫 Gets Mixed Reaction from Netizens

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On Friday morning, Deepika Padukone was snapped with her dad and legendary badminton player Prakash Padukone at the Mumbai airport. The father-daughter duo was heading to their hometown Bengaluru and even posed for the shutterbugs before making their way towards the airport.

Deepika was seen wearing a black top and black pants with a pair of white sneakers while her dad wore a lime green shirt and faded blue jeans. However, before entering the airport, a small incident took place which became a topic of discussion on the Internet.

As it's a known fact that before entering the airport, security personnel check the ID proof of the passengers travelling by flight. It so happened that Prakash showed his ID and headed to the airport while Deepika followed him. The security asked her for ID proof to which she asked, "Chahiye?!", then showed him before making her way in.

This left a mixed reaction between the netizens as some hailed her for not showing VIP tantrums, while others commented that it's a basic rule which Deepika should follow without being asked.

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