Hrithik's 'Super 30'👨🏻‍🏫 Makers Had to Change the Script 13 Times Because of Anand Kumar

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In the past nine years, Patna-based mathematician Anand Kumar says a lot of big actors and directors approached him to make a film on his life but nothing excited him until Super 30 came his way. Super 30, directed by Vikas Bahl and starring Hrithik Roshan as Kumar, has been in the making for quite some time. The first trailer of the movie, which was recently released, faced criticism for the lead's fake tan and unconvincing accent.

Anand Kumar, however, is happy with the way the film has turned out and said post Queen he wanted Bahl to helm his life story, which he believed Hrithik Roshan will do justice to. "The passion and enthusiasm that these people had no one had shown that earlier. I liked their approach, they wanted to tell a true story. They had given me the liberty to be a part of the process creatively. I had a few conditions - only once I approve the script the film will be made and the actor, director and music director will be of my choice," Anand said in an interview. He revealed that the makers had to change the script "13 times because of me".

Talking about the criticism the film's first trailer has received, Anand said Hrithik has nailed the look and accent. "I am a middle-class man and in my life most of the time I am sweating, giving lectures and I usually roam from one place to other, so my skin would definitely be tan. I believe Hrithik is a perfectionist. The team of 'Super 30' stayed with me in Patna and observed me for a few days. As far as language is concerned, we are not talking in Bhojpuri but in Magahi language. Hrithik did work a lot on getting his look and language right. He has got the exact language and (skin) tone," he said.

The film suffered a delay after director Vikas was accused of sexual harassment. Following the allegations, the producers dropped his credit as a director from the film. It was only after Vikas was given a clean chit, co-producer Reliance Entertainment reinstated him as the director.

"I had met Vikas several times before the controversy happened. I was shocked as he came across as a very helpful person, rather he had helped a lot of people in our village. All I know is he is a good filmmaker and has worked with utmost honesty on this film," Anand said.

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