🇵🇰Sarfaraz Ahmed Slams Former Cricketers😳

Pakistan captain Sarfaraz Ahmed has had a horrible World Cup 2019 outing both on the pitch and off it. Sarfaraz Ahmed, much like many other cricketers, has not only become an easy target for social media trolls but has been openly criticised by former cricketers and fans following Pakistan's poor run at the World Cup 2019.

Sarfaraz Ahmed will be leading his troop for a must-win clash against South Africa in a few hours from now, and ahead of the important match he hit out at the former cricketers, who are now associated with the official broadcasters as television experts.

"Unke nazar mein to hum player hi nahi hain; Sab khuda ban ke TV pe baithe hain (In their eyes, we are not even players. They have become gods on television)," Ahmed said.

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