Anti-Graft Agency Seeks to Recover 990-Acre ADC Land😯

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An investigation by anti-corruption detectives has revealed fresh details on the controversial allocation of land at the coast to powerful individuals for a fraction of the market rate.

A June 13 report by the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) prepared for a parliamentary committee revealed that ministers, MPs, judicial officers and prominent business people were allocated the 990 acres of Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) Kiswani land in Sabaki ward, Magarini Constituency, for a pittance.

According to the investigators, when questioned about the illegal allocations, ADC presented to EACC, a document titled “Note for the file” dated January 17, 1994 authored by the then managing director Walter Kilele (now deceased).

The alleged document indicates that Kilele presented the ADC Kiswani Holding Grounds case to former President Daniel arap Moi, in which permission was granted to sell the land at the best possible market price of between Sh250,000 and Sh300,000 per acre.

ADC then proceeded to sub divide the land into five acre blocks but instead allocated them to 125 persons at a paltry Sh20,000 per acre.

EACC is seeking the revocation of the allocations after initial investigations revealed that procedures were not followed and little paperwork is available on how the allocation was done.

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