Twitch Bans❌ Mitch Jones for Streaming While Driving

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Mitch Jones, a popular Twitch IRL streamer, has received a one week ban from the streaming platform due to a cast, which occurred on June 12, that took place while Jones was driving with Miss Tricky. Jones confirmed this ban yesterday, June 21, through Twitter, stating that the suspension is a result of him “looking at [his] phone while driving.” This tweet, along with a subsequent one, conveys Jones’ opinion on the ban as well as offers his thoughts on the situation in general.

Specifically, Jones indicates that he “completely agree[s]” with Twitch‘s decision to issue a temporary ban, acknowledging that he is “putting [himself] and others in danger” by streaming while driving and stating that he “need[s] to be more responsible.” In a followup video, that was posted on Twitter, Jones states that he was “completely handsfree” during the stream, though fans have located a moment from the cast where Jones is holding his phone and reading chat while driving.

Regardless of if a specific moment is responsible for the most recent Mitch Jones Twitch ban or not, the content creator admits, in the aforementioned video, that he was “very distracted” by the setup, and that he “completely deserve[s] the suspension” as a results. Additionally, Jones takes the opportunity to address other streamers that may cast while driving, saying that doing so “creates a very distracted environment for a driver,” and he further suggests that they should “probably just not stream and drive.”

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