Chandrayaan-2: ISRO Asks💬 Twitter What They Would Take to the Moon - Indian🇮🇳 Flag Wins Out

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As India's heavy lift rocket nicknamed 'Baahubali' and its passenger Chandrayaan-2 gear up for their historic flight to the Moon on July 15, Twitter users shared what they would like to take to the lunar surface, with most of them mentioning the national flag.

However, Twitter users also shared many interesting ideas. Gautam Singh, for example, talked about taking a geographical map of India.

"So if an Intelligent ET will find it They can find where do we belong, A Flag will be useless for them," tweeted Singh.

Some users even suggested that Indian soil should be transported to the Moon, while others pointed out to the planetary protection norms aimed to preserve our ability to study other worlds as they exist in their natural states.

Planetary protection refers to the practice of protecting solar system bodies from contamination by Earth life.

"We can sanitise everything before taking it there. Just like it is done today and was done for the flags," said one user.

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