Google Shuts❌ Down Blog Compass Just 10 Months After Launch

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Google launched their blog management tool named 'Blog Compass' late last year which could connect sites running either WordPress or Blogger and give the owner valuable insights into trending topics as well as a centralised dashboard for analytics or comments. However, the app is now dead, adding yet another grave in the Google Graveyard. It has been shut down just 10 months after its initial launch.

Blog Compass, however, is still available for download on the Play Store, but opening it only displays a goodbye note which says, "After several months, we have decided to turn down the Blog Compass app. If you want to continue managing your blog, check out the Blogger or Site Kit by Google for WordPress".

A reason for the abrupt shut down could be user reviews, which showed that users were having issues with the app as early as October 2018. Multiple users complained about being unable to sign in with a Google account. As per the Play Store, the Blog Compass app amassed somewhere between 10,000 to 50,000 installs over its lifetime.

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