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Ask Didi: Cancer Age 😱?

(+263...7) asks what is the age when you can be affected by cancer😱?

A person of any age can be affected by cancer - even newborns can have cancer, although it is very rare. Some cancers mostly strike children (rare), while most cancers strike older people. The median age of …

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Ask Didi: Tracvis Scott Braids 🤔?

(+276...7) asks how long does hair have to be to have Travis Scott type of braids🤔?

If you want really short box braids, you will need to grow your hair for about a year. If you want box braids that hangs down to your cheeks or chin, you need …

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Ask Didi: Worst Moment 😅?

(+277...4) asks if your girlfriend asks you about your worst moment😅?

If you're comfortable telling her your worst moment, do so. If you're not, say something like, "Well, I've never really thought about it, but a really bad moment was..." and tell her about something with which you're comfortable …

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