Ask Doctor: Blood Donation Rejected⚕️

+263...1 doctor i was told that my blood got rejected at donations what can be the problem⚕️

There are very strict criteria to select blood donors. Criteria include age, weight, Haemoglobin concentration of the blood, frequency of donation etc. It is possible that you have not met one or …

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Ask Doctor: Secretive Mother⚕️🎗

+265...8 Doctor my mother is HIV positive but she keeps it a secret. I found her anteretroviral therapy when I was cleaning her room. The problem is I am the one who takes care of her when she is sick and am worried that I may have contracted the …

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Ask Doctor: Goitre⚕️

+263...1 Doctor how can l get rid of a goitre⚕️

Goitre is enlargement of the thyroid gland. There are many causes for it. One of the common causes is hypothyroidism. In this condition, the thyroid is producing less amount of thyroid hormones. The body tries to increase the quantity …

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