There's a New Pizza🍕 Eye Shadow Palette Going Viral, and It's Only $15💸

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Remember the Glamlite Pizza Palette that launched last December? It's not every day that a makeup brand launches a pizza-themed eye shadow palette. A new one was just served up, and social media finds it equally appetizing.

Revolution Beauty, the London-based parent company of internet sensation Makeup Revolution, has another must-see spinoff brand, I Heart Revolution. Its playful approach to makeup means charmingly kitschy products like the one it just launched: the Tasty Pizza Palette. It's "delivered fresh-from-the-oven in a pizza box, embossed with a cool pizza slice."

"The Tasty Pizza Palette is stuffed with 18 saucy shades," the brand's product page reads — the same amount as Glamlite's palette.

In addition to the Tasty Pizza Palette, there's also the Tasty Chilli Palette with vibrant shades like Cayenne and Hot Sauce, and the Tasty Avocado Palette, featuring lots of cool greens like Guacamole and Smoothie.

All three are available now for $15 each.

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