Veteran Gauteng policeman bows out gracefully after 40 years

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Over his two decades of communicating on behalf of the provincial police services Dlamini earned himself as many followers as detractors among journalists.

Dlamini, 59, admitted that rapid changes in the media were among the reasons for his grey hairs.

“The older (generation) of journalists were street-smart and went all out to get the whole story. That has changed. Now journalists want to use me as a source of information instead of going out to get their story.

“Technology has also had an impact. Most journalists use social media to get stories and come to us without doing proper investigations,” Dlamini said.

The soft-spoken police veteran is known for being strict and for hating to repeat himself. Yet, once you get to know him, you can’t help but warm to the fatherly figure responsible for explaining crime incidents in the province that is also called Gangsters’ Paradise....

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