#GetTheLook - Explore your wild side with animal print

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Animal prints never really go out of fashion. They simply slither their way back onto the catwalk and into fashion stores.

“From the Stone Age to the Digital Age”, the book declares, leopard has become “fashion’s most perennial print” - Fashion Journalist Hilary Alexander

Leopard, snake and zebra prints are constantly being reinvented by designers, from bold statement pieces to accessories, from neutral and natural to colourful and textured.

Remember- a little bit of leopard can go a long way. The simpler and more monochromatic the rest of your look, the more that touch of leopard will pop.

“What I love about the Animal Print trend, is it’s a great way to upbeat your day, It allows you to just accentuate that splendid personality you have, by just throwing on that fashion statement piece whether simple or bold. My personal favourite is an all-black outfit matched with an animal printed blazer, chic yet simple.”...

Photo - http://v.duta.us/Fhp2RAAA

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