"Development Stronger💪 Than Might of Bullets, Bombs": PM on Mann Ki Baat

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday that those trying to spread hate and obstruct development works in Kashmir will never succeed as he cited a recent government exercise to assert that power of development is stronger than the might of bullets and bombs.

In his monthly 'Mann ki baat' broadcast, he said the "Back to village" programme held in June in Jammu and Kashmir saw enthusiastic participation of villagers everywhere, including in very sensitive and remote villages, as government officials reached there to discuss development schemes with locals.

"It shows how keen people of Kashmir are to join mainstream of development... Such programmes and people's participation in them show that people of Kashmir want good governance. This also proves the dictum that the power of development is stronger than the might of bullets and bombs," he said.

"It is clear that those who wish to spread hatred en route to development, pose hurdles will never succeed in their sinister plans," he added. For the first time, the prime minister said, senior officials reached the doorsteps of villagers across 4,500 panchayats.

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