Destiny 2⃣ Perk Calculator Tool Helps with 💫Armor 2.0 Builds

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The forthcoming Shadowkeep expansion for Destiny 2 is set to overhaul how armor currently works in the game, with a new system dubbed Armor 2.0. Recently, there was concern over how this new system was limiting weapon loader mods to specific elements before director Luke Smith clarified that there were general weapon loader mods as well, meaning that this Armor 2.0 flaw wasn't as bad as many thought.

Now, much of what has been revealed about Armor 2.0 has had a welcoming reception in the Destiny 2 community. One fan even went so far as to create an Armor 2.0 perk calculator by repeatedly watching the live streams and reveals associated with the new system that will help fans prepare for their upcoming Shadowkeep builds. Of course, there is a bit of guesswork in some regards, but this calculator should be a useful tool for those prepared for Shadowkeep's release.

This Destiny 2 calculator has a ton of handy features, such as the ability to auto-tally energy costs. It's a good thing to keep in mind that some general mods, such as the aforementioned weapon loader mods, have a higher price than more specific mods, but this calculator will freely keep up with it. Otherwise, players will be able to choose an element for the piece and select from the available mods there. Check it out here via Google Docs or the website (whose creation goes to Redditor ItchySensation).

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