Dragon Age 4 Lead Producer👋 Leaves BioWare

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BioWare, the studio currently heading the development of Dragon Age 4, is a celebrated developer of multiple celebrated series and games. Now, the developer is waving goodbye to Dragon Age 4 lead producer Fernando Melo, who left the studio on August 16.

This news comes just one day after the departure of Anthem producer Ben Irving, who left for an opportunity at another company. Now, Melo is also leaving the studio, as explained in a statement put forth on Twitter.

Melo began by explaining that, after 12 years at BioWare, he is now overcome with emotion. He indicated that he had the opportunity to commemorate his time at BioWare by writing his name on the wall at a pub local to BioWare.

Melo then posted his heartfelt "goodbye" email to Twitter in order to display it for past BioWare employees as well. He explained that his time at BioWare was unforgettable and was descriptive in the email of his difficult time finding the appropriate way to address his peer in his final transmission.

"Honestly, to say my time here, with all the individuals I had the privilege to work with over the years, will hold a special place for me would be an understatement," said Melo in the email. "It is unlikely that anything else will ever be able to match that."

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