Smith Taken for Precautionary Scans After Archer Blow💥

Steve Smith was taken to hospital for "precautionary X-ray scans" on his left forearm after a painful foray at the crease at Lord's where he copped a number of blows from Jofra Archer.

Australia's premier batsman had earlier undergone a concussion assessment, which he'd passed to return to the crease after having retired hurt when he was struck by a rapid short-pitched delivery from England's debutant. Smith had suffered the blow to the forearm around six overs earlier when he ducked into a short delivery from Archer that didn't rise as much as he expected. A team official confirmed that Smith had walked out to bat a second time only after being cleared by the team doctor.

"He was taken off the field and into one of the medical rooms. He was given the concussion assessment and then that was part of it. The assessment also involves a balance test: you stand on one leg, close your eyes, make sure you don't fall over," he said. The assessment also included the non-computerised SCAT5 test and the Cricket Australia certified COGSPORT test, which is computerised. SCAT5 is common to other sports too and is used in interpreting post-injury test scores.

"(COGSPORT) is a baseline assessment is taken of players during the off-season and then when they do the test after they have suffered a head or neck injury, it's compared against the baseline," he explained.

The official also revealed the series of tests that the doctor had conducted on Smith while he was still in the middle after he'd fallen helmet-first on the pitch when hit by the Archer delivery. They included the "modified Maddocks questions", which is generally used to assess injury in football.

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