Ask Doctor: HIV Symptoms ⚕️🎗

+234...2 Doctor, what are the symptoms one wil start observing in his/her six weeks of contacting hiv?⚕️🎗

There are no symptoms of HIV infection. About a month or so after infection, there occurs what is known as a seroconversion illness. This is just like a viral fever and …

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Ask Doctor: Pregnancy Test ⚕️

+263...7 Doctor can a pregnancy test be used after 3 days of having sex⚕️

It will almost certainly show a negative result, unless pregnancy has occurred earlier. Pregnancy tests detect a substance (beta-HCG) that is produced when the fertilised egg implants in the uterus. The level of this substance …

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Ask Doctor: Broken Teeth⚕️

+276...3 Doctor is your teeth are broken into half what must I do?⚕️

You must consult a dentist. Broken teeth are more prone to decay. In the short term, broken teeth will be painful or sensitive because of the exposed nerves. Broken teeth can be repaired by capping or …

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